The Beehive Hotel & Café is a stylish and contemporary alternative to Rome's budget hotels, offering accommodation in private rooms (both with and without private bathrooms), mixed sex dorm room, and self-catering guestrooms. Owned and run by an American couple who moved from Los Angeles in 1999 to follow what they thought was a crazy dream.  On the first day they had 5 guests and have been full from the second day on.

A rarity in Rome, the cozy hotel has a private garden "outdoor living room" and an organic, vegetarian café that serves a la carte breakfast and Sunday brunch consisting of homemade bread, omelettes, crêpes and oatmeal and even bagels.  Steve and Linda are very passionate and dedicated to environmentalism and social issues.  As a result, The Beehive, reflects these beliefs:  The paint on the walls is vegetable based without VOC's, the food you eat for breakfast is local, handmade and organic, and even the soaps in the showers are handmade with olive oil.  The cleaning staff uses only natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions and receptionists use recycled paper.

The Beehive adheres to an unwavering philosophy that one shouldn't have to give up cash or ethics for comfort and style.